High-flying technology

Let’s be honest, the first thing KLM probably brings to mind is airplanes and not IT. But KLM without IT is inconceivable! IT allows us to accelerate, renovate and improve everything that happens in and around the aircraft. And every technological development can be used in aviation.

Innovative IT is essential to bring modern aviation forward. From smartphones to virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

At KLM and Air France we use the latest, most innovating technologies. Angular2? Check! Serenity testing? We’re doing that too. The digital world offers endless possibilities. For both our customers and our colleagues. Of course we can come up with clever ideas and solutions, but if they aren’t aligned with our customers’ or employees’ needs, we’re doing something wrong. That’s why we ask ourselves the same question every day: how usable is IT?

On average, a KLM passenger flies with us 1.1 times a year. And our resourceful employees succeed in surprising them exactly that one time. To be honest, KLM IT is also taken by surprise sometimes. By now, we know better than anyone that IT solutions have a will of their own from time to time. And, wouldn’t you know it, just when thousands of passengers are counting on us to take them to their destinations. In short, things can get a little turbulent around here. That’s why our IT professionals use agile approaches; combining the knowledge of one colleague with that of the other is a great move. Now if you can surprise us with your clever end products, we could be on our way to optimizing the traveler’s journey together.

Joint IT-organization KLM AirFrance
The latest mobile development technologies
Experimental work environment
Tangible products to be proud of
Being where the customer is
Close collaboration (national and international)

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