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Ready for take-off

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Welcome to the digital world of KLM

No matter where you are, KLM IT helps travelers check dreams off their bucket list. Driven by technology, a digital mindset and lots of wanderlust, we turn those well-known ones and zeros into shorter boarding times, faster airplane applications and creative check-in possibilities. For example, did you know that fixing a Boeing 737 is 60 minutes faster since all aircraft mechanics work with iPads? And that a flight from Amsterdam to New York produces more than 300,000 data elements? As far as we’re concerned it’s clear; aviation can’t get anywhere without IT!

“If you digitalize work without knowing what that work entails, you’re doing something wrong”

- Lydia van Schaik

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“Agile gives you the advantages of a small company within a large organization ”

- Anthony Moendir

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“Sometimes it still amazes me how easy travel is becoming ”

- Tom Suijkerbuijk

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Why choose KLM IT?

We love telling people about the projects that we’re working on. As we’re quite proud of what happens here, we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with the internal and external IT community. Because we’re not afraid to experiment with the latest technologies, all employees speak the same language: innovation. We take the time to learn. No narrow-mindedness, island mentality and closed doors: freedom is what you get. Teach us things we don’t know yet and point out possibilities that no one has come up with.

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