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Design Doing at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines by TU Delft

Are you excited to make a difference to our millions of customers?

KLM probably brings to mind vacation, airplanes, and our cabin crew. But behind the scenes, a network of IT professionals are all doing their part to bring our customers safely and happily to their destinations. For example, KLM IT sees to it that you can book your flight online, check-in your own luggage, and watch movies during your flight from Cape Town to Los Angeles.

To achieve this all, approximately 3,200 KLM Air France colleagues are working on several projects. From building web applications and centralizing datacenters, to innovating our social media customer service and Predictive Engineering. All these activities contribute to the digitalization of KLM. During your internship, you’ll be helping us with that. We believe in learning by doing and give you the freedom to develop yourself into the professional you want to become. Of course, we’ll keep an eye on you; one of our colleagues is always there to guide you.

Are you excited to make a difference to our millions of customers? Then quickly apply for one of our internships.

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